The target of our Company Is Development, manufacturing and introduction of efficient and environmentally friendly power supply systems.

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The company is development of technology for serial production mikrotrubocek stacks of solid oxide fuel cells with concomitant mechanical, thermal and chemical treatment, and the creation of a portable electrochemical generators based on them. Will use additive technologies, which facilitates the formation of an effective electrode structures, removes barriers between stage of development and small batch production.The range of possible capacities of the generators is in the range from 20 to 500 W, the zooming power is provided by varying the number and length used mikrotrubocek stacks of solid oxide fuel cells.

The use of technology mikrotrubocek SOFC as an energy source gives the possibility of using hydrocarbon fuels without the need for external conversion. Have mikrotrubocek SOFC may be increased resource compared to the planar membrane-electrode blocks of the SOFC, and this technology has the potential to provide a quick release energy source in working mode (10 min).

Work in this direction is still under research and development.

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