A chemical source of hydrogen

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A chemical source of hydrogen
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The need to use the hydrogen-accumulating and hydrogen-containing materials is associated primarily with the needs for compact and safe storage systems ultra-light and potentially explosive hydrogen. Hydrogen gas as fuel is used in the advanced high-performance power supply systems for a hydrogen-air fuel cells.

The company conducted the development and creation of safe chemical source of hydrogen (irreversible), suitable for wide use in portable power plants based on hydrogen-air fuel cells. Chemical current sources based on fuel cells are a promising direction, as they have a number of advantages over common currently, sources based on batteries, primarily due to the significantly greater storage density per unit weight.

Experts studied the existing and potential hydrogen-accumulating and hydrogen-containing materials. The main task is to select an optimal method for the generation of hydrogen, which must combine high gravimetric and volumetric storage density with low energy consumption or their absence.

The results of this project can be applied in products such companies as:

- portable power supply "Energy"

- backup power system "ASTRA"

- unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS)

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