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Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)
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Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) / (SOFC)

Solid oxide fuel cells are classified as high temperature elements with a working temperature range of 800-1000°C. In the SOFC based on the same design cell, and other types of fuel cells consisting of anode and cathode separated by electrolyte. In the case of SOFC the electrolyte is a solid ceramic, e.g. zirconium oxide stabilized with yttrium oxide. In the process, the cathode is fed with oxygen (in the air).The ceramic electrolyte conducts oxygen ions transfer from the cathode to the anode, while electrons are sent to the external circuit to produce electricity. At the anode the oxygen ions interact with hydrogen to form water and carbon monoxide (co).

There are two basic designs of solid oxide fuel cells: planar and tubular.

I believe that SOFC systems are best suited for the production of electricity and heat in industrial applications, although they are also used as auxiliary power source in some kinds of vehicles.

SOFC are characterized by high values of efficiency and high operating temperature will directly implement the process of internal processing of fuel, particularly natural gas.

SOFC should be used in a wide range of capacities in power plants for hydrocarbon fuels. Plants are developed, including the basic components to generate a composite power plants of high power. While the efficiency does not change, ie smaller units as efficient as large. Thus, it diversifitsirovat the scope of possible applications of the developed power plants. These circumstances allow us the flexibility to choose the equipment in accordance with the wishes of the customer.

Future prospects for SOFC systems

The future of technology seems promising. Many companies are working to commercialize this technology, many research programs aimed at a deeper study of the systems of solid oxide fuel cells and the creation of preconditions for future technological breakthroughs in this area.

At present, our company explores the possibility of the use of SOFC technology in the hybrid systems, in which devices based on fuel cells combined with gas turbines to produce electricity. A successful outcome will open up many possibilities for new applications that were not available when using only a single technology.

Target market end-use of SOFC technology in the future, most likely, are stationary devices for power generation and niche vehicles and mobile applications. Due to the availability of natural gas through a distributed network of gas supply, application of plant-based ECG on SOFC as a power using a fuel of a network can be widely disseminated, replacing, in particular, obsolete domestic and industrial boilers.

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