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Module-unified energy systems for UAS (unmanned aircraft system) of different dimensions are created on the basis of new technology use of standardized batteries and fuel cells.

Applications BASS:

1. Problem solving in the state:
  • monitoring traffic flow;
  • the study of climate and environmental monitoring;
  • search and rescue;
  • fighting fires and natural disasters;
  • assistance in operations maintenance of law and order;
  • the study of wildlife.
2. 2. Solutions business needs:
  • agriculture (land mapping for the purposes of precision agriculture, monitoring of lands and the incorporation of substances);
  • communication (the use of BASS as platforms to relay signals);
  • research integrity and condition of buildings and constructions, including objects of infrastructure;
  • professional filming and photography;
  • search for minerals;
  • transport;
  • cartography and surveying;
  • advertising.
3. Requests individuals:
  • the personal use (Amateur photo and video shooting, competitions, and other recreational purposes, suborbital space tourism);
  • personal communication.
4. Pass-through queries:
  • protection system of BVS;
  • protection of perimeters.


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