Continuous and backup power supply GAMMA

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Designed for continuous or standby power supply equipment, remote sites, telecommunications equipment, responsible consumers.

The system comes turnkey, including:

  • Pre-project assessment and development solutions;
  • Design or revision of a model project according to Customer requirements;
  • Equipment supply and installation and commissioning works;
  • Training of Customer personnel;
  • Conducting acceptance tests and commissioning;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment.

System features::

System DC power supply
Backup power system
Power: 250-500 W 
Operating voltage: 24-28 In
Efficiency - 36% 
Fuel – natural gas or propane 
Fuel consumption: 66-105 g/hour 
Operating temperature range: -40... +60°C 
Weight: 34 kg Dimensions: 412 x 474 x 381 mm
Power: 600/1200/1800 W 
Working voltage: 220 V/50 Hz 
Efficiency - 36%
The fuel is natural gas 
Fuel consumption: 140-450 g/hour 
Operating temperature range: -40... +60°C

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