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An Autonomous power source for powering any portable devices with a power consumption of 50 W

Package contents:

  • Low-temperature hydrogen-air fuel cell (generator);

  • Tank (container with a source of hydrogen "fuel tank"). The cylinders are recharged from the cell, the number of cycles not less than 10 thousand;

  • Nozzle - lamp 1000 Lum.

  System features:

  • the power of 50 W;
  • tank energy 100 W*h and weighing less than 0.6 kg;
  • the total length of the product with the container about 250 mm, diameter 55 mm extension of the head portion to 70 mm (the dimensions of the flashlight);
  • weight without cylinder about 0.3 kg;
  • the temperature range is guaranteed cold start: 0...+40°C;
  • operating temperature range: -15...+40°C;
  • system safe - maximum internal cylinder pressure in the operating temperature range does not exceed 10 ATM, the pressure in the fuel cell and the hydrogen stream after the reducer does not exceed 1.5 ATM.;
  • discharging in idle mode is missing.


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