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Is a system based on a hydrogen-air fuel cell in which electrochemical reaction to convert fuel (hydrogen) into electricity, with the possibility of automatic replenishment of hydrogen by electrolysis of water.

Distinctive features of the system are: quick start, no harmful emissions and noise in the process, the reliability in connection with simplicity of design and lack of friction and moving parts in the system (except the fan).


- Typical power range: 2,5 – 50 kW with a step of 2.5 kW or 10 kW;
- Power and energy storage massturbate independently; 
- Assume 100% discharge; 
- The energy consumption depends on the amount of stored hydrogen;
The hydrogen is stored in a bound state in a 7 litre cylinders;
- Various options of hydrogen storage, with the possibility of "hot" replacement of fuel sources;
- Optional – the production of hydrogen from water or hydrocarbon fuel;
- Equipment is placed in a thermostated Cabinet for street performance with protection class IP 65.


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