Hydrogen filling station
To date the cheapest and most available means of producing hydrogen are electrolysis and steam reforming of natural gas.
Hydrogen by electrolysis of water to produce pots of various capacities. Steam reforming of natural gas involves the production of hydrogen using the SMR generators.

Our company supplies reliable, fully automated, environmentally friendly hydrogen generators, based on the technology of inorganic membrane (IMET) electrolysis of aqueous alkali. Source of raw materials for hydrogen power is water. In the result of electrochemical reactions under the action of direct current, water is decomposed and the solution are separated hydrogen and oxygen.

Industrial installations on the basis of the generators separate hydrogen and oxygen (electrolyser) provide any manufacturing industry. 
The technology of electrolysis is mainly used where you want a small amount of hydrogen, or missing natural gas as feedstock for its production. 
Depending on the equipment you can get gas with a purity of 99,5% to 99,999%, dew point to -70⁰ C and pressure up to 30 bar. 

We offer reliable industrial electrolyzers on the most favorable terms in the ratio "price-quality".
To date, cycle for hydrogen production is almost perfect, but we are continuously improving it even more.

Installations for the production of hydrogen can be used in the fields of:
  • in the chemical industry
  • at the enterprises of the petrochemical industry
  • at the enterprises of oil refining
  • at the enterprises of gas processing
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