The system of energy management EMS

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The unified monitoring system (platform) is an international class EMS systems (Energy management system).

The system is able not only to perform remote monitoring of distributed network objects, but also has functions of energy-efficient power management controlled by communication facilities. A centralized solution based on a unified hardware and software platform, access to data which can be accomplished through several possible architectures (e.g. client-server, web browser and mobile phone).


The system has a distributed intelligence through the installation of every remote host monitoring (lower level system) one or more typical full-featured energy controller Energy Manager with the necessary interfaces for communication with them and with the periphery of the power equipment of the object, different types of standardized inputs and outputs to perform the following tasks:

  • remote monitoring of key parameters of energy equipment of the controlled object;

  • determining availability of main/standby power supply and its quality;

  • obtaining operation data of the controlled equipment;

  • control the state of charge and the viability of starter batteries, diesel generators (gensets) and batteries EPU (electric feeding units);

  • monitoring environmental and climatic conditions within controlled facilities, to maintain a given microclimate;

  • access control on the object and its fire safety;

  • additional functionality for the measurement of levels of fuel alternative sources of supply of the object, the parameters of its spending, its quality, etc.

The controller is a reliable and compact modular design for placement in standard 19-inch racks. Interfaces and inputs/outputs of the controller Energy Manager are customizable and configurable to the specific requirements for monitoring the BTS. The unit is easily serviced and maintained, has the ability to remotely update the software and configuration.


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