Thermoelectric phenomena PANEL

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«Thermoelectric phenomena» Panel introduces the basic principles of thermoelectric generators and can be used for laboratory classes, training solutions case studies and work on real projects.

Laboratory classes:

» Study the principles of operation of the Peltier element:

  • voltage dependence of temperature difference;
  • VAC;
  • WattAC;
  • EFFICIENCY of the Peltier element;
  • the dependence of the capacity and EFFICIENCY of load resistance.

» Study the principles of operation for thermocouples:

  • Seebeck coefficient determination;
  • The Peltier coefficient determination;
  • Thomson effect;
  • Getting electrothermical Volta series.

» Use of thermocouples for measuring temperature.

» A combination of multiple thermocouples (parallel and serial):

  • Voltage;
  • Seebeck coefficient;
  • VAC;
  • WattAC.
» A Peltier elements combination.

» Leroux experiment.

» Ordinary and differential thermocouples production.

Examples of case studies:
» Calibration of routine and differential thermocouples;
» Peltier element parameters influence on its electrical characteristics;
» External impact influence of external parameters on thermocouples of electrical performance;
» Comparison of thermocouples and the Peltier element;
» Comparison of the thermometer and thermocouple as temperature measurement devices;
» Heat conduction through the Peltier element;
» Peltier element cooling applications;
» Temperature maps DRAW ap.

Examples of projects:
»  Application of thermoelectrics in everyday life;
» Use of thermocouples for measuring the intensity of optical radiation;
» Electricity generation  in field conditions.

The set contains:
» Several Peltier elements, different in the materials used, and square working surface;
» Constant temperature tanks with the measuring function temperature;
» Thermocouples, as well as materials for independent manufacturing of thermocouples;
» Thermometer;
» Cables and adapters for the panel elements integration with standard controllers;
» Soldering iron for independent manufacturing of thermocouples.

Received data is processed with a special software included in the Kit. The  data is being transferred via Bluetooth wireless technology.


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