System practical research of fuel cell

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Model hybrid car recommended for students of educational institutions, ranging from vocational level (high schools) to higher technical educational institutions.


  • to study the three areas of energy management;
  • to understand hybrid technology of the structure of the engine and to work at minimising harmful impacts on the environment;
  • to study the concept of data collection and reveal methods of processing, analysis and interpretation of graphs and data obtained from the vehicle on the road and on the stand;
  • to understand the anticipated activity of the fuel cell system and achieving optimal performance;
  • to study the difference between expected work and results of experiments;
  • develop new solutions to optimize the performance of the car.

  • Overall dimensions : length 450 mm, width 260 mm, height 200 mm
  • Weight: 10 kg (without case)
  • For SYSML modeling, PSIM, Open-Modelica, MATLAB, and Excel
  • Dashboard LabView, including graphs of speed, current and brake pressure, are presented in real-time
  • Data: speed, battery voltage, voltage of the fuel cell, the voltage of the electric motor, charge
  • Measurement of braking force under various conditions, with servo


  1. Car fuel cell 30 W
  2. Charge current control with graphic display
  3. Dashboard LabView
  4. Memory card
  5. 2 item metal hydride cartridge
  6. Roller test stand
  7. Remote control
  8. 2 pressure regulator
  9. Nickel-metal hydride battery
  10. Charger for batteries

Comes in a plastic case.


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