Practical fuel cell research system

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The system is a car model with a hybrid propulsion system. On the one hand, motivity of the model
comes from the accumulator, on the other hand, two hydrogen fuels cells are installed on the model.
» acquaintance with the principles of energy management;
» acquaintance with hybrid transport systems;
» acquisition and data skills processing;
» optimization skills of power grid operation and design.

Temperature sensors and fans for cooling the system and supplying an oxidizer with oxygen from air, are installed on each fuel cell. The voltage at the fuel cell can reach 12V, and maximum current is 5A. The supply of hydrogen to a fuel cell can be remotely controlled. Also, a purge valve, which ensures the removal of waste gases, is triggered automatically.

There is a measuring system installed on the car model for the following parameters: the voltage and current in each fuel cell; discharge/charge accumulator voltage and current on each accumulator element; hydrogen consumption; engine temperature. All measured parameters are displayed by an OLED display and transmitted via Bluetooth technology. This technology allows data transferring to a personal computer or to a specially designed application for mobile devices (Android or IOS).

Installed firmware allows the management of all adjustable parameters of the model car using the 
regular control panel or through a mobile device/computer.


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