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The kit demonstrates how you can extract energy from the ethanol fuel and water without the oxidation process. This technology can be used for long-term energy supply of portable gadgets.

The kit is a modular system that combines the principles of electronics, chemistry and physics to demonstrate the opportunities of "green" energy technologies in miniature. Using the components of the kit the students can visually examine ways of applying renewable energy generated by using wind, water, and new technologies of fuel cells and electrolysers.


Conducting laboratory and practical exercises allows you to study:

  • the principle of operation of wind turbines: the best number of blades, the efficiency of the turbine;
  • the influence of heat on the solar batteries;
  • the production of hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis of water.


  • overall dimensions : length 440 mm, width 330 mm, height 110 mm.
  • weight: 1.3 kg.

  • The housing of the wind power plant
  • The main rotor head for profiled blades
  • Profiled blades for turbine (9 PCs)
  • Polypropylene sheet blades for turbine (3 PCs)
  • The support base of the turbine
  • Aluminum mast wind turbine installations
  • The cell on the basis of the proton-exchange membrane
  • Mini fuel-cells based on proton-exchange membrane
  • The hydrogen and oxygen
  • Solar panel 1W
  • Fuel cell reversible action
  • Battery pack with connecting insights
  • Silicone tube, wire
  • Syringe
The set comes in a cardboard box


- experiments with solar energy (using solar panels);
- experiment with wind energy;
- energe obtained during experiments with hydrogen.


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