Hydrogen energy resource kit for robotics

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The resource kit for teaching hydrogen energy for robotics is an alternative to traditional fuel systems for robots. The use of hydrogen as an energy source enables the development of robots with a qualitatively new level of environmental safety. Non-conventional energy sources allow the creation of robots that are applicable for special tasks. For example, there is no self-discharge process in the metal-hydride cartridge used for hydrogen storage, which is typical for batteries used nowadays. The set contains a set of plugs and connectors to link the fuel cell with the most popular controller brands for robotic educational constructors.

» Fuel cell 30W - 8 pcs
» Gas pressure regulator - 4 pcs
» Metal-hydride cartridge - 10 pcs
» Hose lock - 4 pcs
» Mechanical blowdown valve - 4 pcs
» Silicone hydrogen line - 8 pcs
» Plugs and connectors kit, to link the fuel cell with robotic constructors controllers
» G-shaped Allen key 2.5 mm - 1 pcs
» Packaging - 1 pc


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