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Nowadays high pressure is extensively used for obtaining new materials and the modelling of geological
processes. A set of «high pressure» equipment acquaints students with the field of modern physics and
is an excellent tool for carrying out personal researches.
Listed below are suggested case methods of this equipment set.

High-pressure chamber calibration:
In order to obtain reliable results when working with a high-pressure chamber, students should first
learn to measure the pressure in the center of the chamber.
To do this, they need to find dependency of pressure that occurs in the center of the chamber on the force applied to the anvils of chamber.
Using literature data, students will find good reproducible and easily observable phase transitions
through pressure that can be obtained using this type of chamber.
For example, materials tested can be water, the crystalization of liquid organic compounds, color
substance changes, etc.

Examples of project work directions:

Simulation in gas fields:
This chamber type allows you to reproduce the pressure under which natural gas is produced in large scale (at a depth of one to several kilometers). This allows students to simulate the processes occurring in the Earth’s crust, and to participate in gas production projects.

Biological application of high pressure:
High pressure is one of the actively developing methods of food products sterilization. This method has several advantages compared to traditional chemical and thermal methods. «High pressure» set allows the research conduction with a variety of foods, such as: their storage life extention, without adding any chemicals.

Gas hydrates:

Gas hydrates are compounds that represent the solid substance – solution phase of natural gas in water. It is assumed to be the fuel of the future, because estimated reserves of gas hydrates greatly exceed the explored reserves of natural gas. The main deposits of gas hydrates are the sea floor, and permafrost. «High pressure» set allows to reproduce the conditions under which the formation of gas hydrates happens, and at a serious level to explore this promising source of energy, which has not been properly understood yet.


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