Educational-methodical stand "Hydrogen Energy"

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Set of training equipment for realization of laboratory-practical lessons in the senior classes of secondary schools, institutions of primary vocational, secondary vocational and higher professional education.

Conducting laboratory and practical exercises allows you to study:
  • design and principle of operation of the fuel cell;
  • thermodynamics of the fuel cell;
  • the characteristic curve and the curve of the change of power of the fuel cell;
  • efficiency;
  • the necessary components for Autonomous power supply devices;
  • power electronics and voltage conversion
Overall dimensions do not exceed: length of 500-550 mm, height of 400-450 mm, a length of the transverse legs of 450 mm.
Weight: 15 kg.
Power Supply: 220 V, 50 Hz.

  • Tank with metal hydride alloy AB 5 type hydrogen storage capacity of at least 10 l of gas (4 PCs).
  • Gas reducer.
  • Fuel cell (FC) - based solid-polymer electrolyte (TPE), with a capacity of not less than 30 watts.
  • Flow meter for hydrogen feed.
  • Electronic load module with the ability to display the current-voltage characteristics.
  • The display of the controller.
  • Button keypad.
  • Electrical terminals.
  • The hydrogen detector.
  • A purge valve.
  • A network cable.
  • Methodological materials.
  • The stand comes in a plastic case.
  • The temperature of the fuel cell on the edge and in the middle of the plane parallel to the plane of installation of the fans.
  • The temperature of the cylinder.
  • The voltage on the fuel cell.
  • The current of the fuel cell.
  • Consumption of hydrogen.
  • The fan speed in percent of maximum.
the cut-off Temperature: the maximum temperature at which the fuel cell is disconnected from the hydrogen supply and stop the production of electricity.
The mode of operation of the fan blower of a fuel cell: a continuous flow of air (temperature changes) and the regime of constant temperature (change air flow).
Purging: purge – at which time the valve opens, the blowdown period is how long the valve opens, the voltage purge is executed when a voltage is triggered to purge, regardless of time (time when it starts again).
Sets the mode the electronic load modes, constant current (changing voltage), DC voltage (varies current) and constant power.

  • Determination of the efficiency of the fuel cell and its dependence on various factors.
  • The influence of the purge on the characteristics of the fuel element.
  • The study of the behavior of the metal-hydride under different modes of operation.
  • Time estimation of the fuel element with the given supply of hydrogen.


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