Educational-methodical installation «Vertical-axis wind turbine generator»

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The set of equipment comprises a wind generator, made of lightweight polymer materials in the form of a globe, incorporating turbine technologies in a vertical-axis design.

The wind turbine energy installation works as follows: when the moving airflow (wind), comes from any direction, turning vanes in the lower hull redirect the horizontal wind energy vertically up through the turbine vanes into the rotor, spinning it. After the airflow has passed through the rotor vanes, it passes into an area of low pressure formed within the upper hull, encouraging the air flow speed through the rotor.
After this, the airflow goes through the vanes from the bottom upwards into the wind rotor wheel, spinning it due to aerodynamic forces. 
The multi-blade rotor wheel is connected to an electric dynamo, which generates electricity with its rotation. Due to the upper fairing diameter is wider, than the rotor wheel diameter, proper protection of the wind installation from adverse weather conditions is provided, and, therefore, reliable operation is guaranteed.

«Vertical-axis wind turbine generator» installation allows projects implementation in the wind energy field. The installation can be an experimental unit for laboratory researches as well as an operating energy sourse for devices and appliances.

Product  specifications:

 Parameter      Value
     Installation dimensions, mm        700*700*700    
     Weight, kg            20 
     Maximum power, W           100 
     Impeller diameter, mm           500 
     Wind orientation        Flexible
     Wind range (m/s)            2-60 
     Noise level          30 DB
     Temperature range, °С       -50...+50
     Average lifetime, years            20 
     Warranty period, years             2 



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