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Set allows you to fully understand the interaction of fuel cell technology with renewable energy sources to create a completely environmentally-friendly power grid.


Conducting laboratory and practical exercises allows you to study:

  • design and principle of operation of fuel cells that use different chemical processes;
  • thermodynamics of the fuel cell;
  • to study the effectiveness of different forms of renewable energy using different energy sources.


  • Overall dimensions : length 630 mm,  width 440 mm, height 350 mm.
  • Weight: 6,6 kg.

1. Manual generator 
2. Ethanol fuel module
3. Fuel cell reversible action (2 PCs)
4. Salt fuel cell
5. Universal chassis
6. Battery pack
7. Led module
8. The base is a mini of the fuel cell
9. Potentiometer
10. Supercapacitor
11. The base of the water tank
12. Solar panel
13. Tank with metal hydride alloy AB 5 type hydrogen storage capacity of at least 10 gallons of gas (1 PC.)
14. Pressure regulator
15. Fuel mini item
16. Thermoelectric system
17. The base of the rotor holder for the blades
18. Resistor module variable resistance
19. Blade (3 pieces), spatula (3 pieces), spatula (3 PCs)
20. The mast of wind turbines
21. Tanks: water oxygen, water, hydrogen
22. The container of the fuel solution
23. Syringe
24. Universal base for connecting several devices
25. The purge valve, clip
26. Silicone tubing, red and black contacts, cables, REM USB wire
27. Thermometers
28. Fan blade, wheel, adapter
29. Fan module
30. The wind
31. Tank ethanol fuel with cap
32. PH paper

Set comes in plastic case.


  • The principle of operation of solar energy using the photovoltaic element.
  • Assembly and testing of the wind turbine.
  • Assembly and test of a hydrogen fuel cell.
  • A study of the work of the super capacitor; operation of vehicle with supercondensators.
  • Assembly and testing salt fuel cell.
  • The operation of the heat generator.
  • The fuel cell-based ethanol.
  • Assembly and testing of the solar vehicle.
  • Assembly and testing of the car on fuel cells.
  • Assembly and testing of the car on the salt batteries.
  • The movement of the car using fuel cell using a power supply – metal hydride cartridge hydrostik.


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