Industry solutions

The power supply system of the fuel cell, integrated projects for the management and optimization of energy supply:

A wide range of different power supply system and the purpose of the fuel cell (FC)

The URS system is designed for uninterrupted supply of responsible consumers

The system is designed for management and infrastructure optimization of energy supply of remote objects and local systems, including base stations for communications operators.

System safe storage of hydrogen in cylinders, the most effective and safe for hydrogen energy and fuel cells

Hydrogen generator designed according to the highest requirements of industrial and ecological safety and international standards

To study the basics of fuel cells and alternative energy offer a wide range of educational and laboratory equipment for educational institutions

A wide range of body, Assembly and specialized metal products according to ISO 9001:2008

The system is stable spark ignition IRMS is designed for automatic ignition of the gaseous fuel

Direction to meet the needs of particular offices of state energy complexes and systems.

The prospect of using unmanned aerial vehicles, photography, production of radio, fire adjustment, tracking

Supply of ready to use fuel cells, components and materials for their creation and prototyping