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Aeronet 2017

From June 8 to 10 of June 2017 the practical conference about Unmanned Aircraft Systems "Aeronet 2017" was held, where the company "Ptero" first introduced UAS with hydrogen-oxygen fuel cell, which today is an innovative development today and has no analogues in Russia.

The company also introduced such Unmanned Aircraft System as the hypercopter D-830 and the UAS Ptero-G1.

Hypercopter D-830 was developed by Hypercopter LLC, which is a subsidiary of company Ptero. It also uses an hydrogen-oxygen based power modules, which is a clear demonstration of the use of the latest technology. The Hypercopter has an allowable take off weight of 30 kg, is capable of lifting up to 5 kg of disposable load and can be in the air for up to 3 hours.

"Ptero-G1" is a further development of Unmanned Aircraft Systems of the "Ptero" series specially designed for aerial survey work. UAS "Ptero-G1" is equipped with an internal combustion engine and has an allowable take off weight of 20 kg with 5 kg disposable load. The flight duration is up to 8 hours and the absolute range is up to 800 km.

More than 1,000 people attended this year “Aeronet 2017” conference. The program of the event includes sports drone races, the "Pioneer" tournament among children of all ages, master classes and competitions in throwing gliders, some demonstration performances also as air show using drones and aircraft models.

The exposition, flight program and presentation of the company "Ptero" at the airdrome "Alferevo", were one of the most interesting and memorable, gathering a large number of visitors of the conference.

The company demonstrated innovative equipment and announced promising developments with the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems. As part of the demonstration flights of Unmanned Aircraft Systems on the Ptero-G1 airborne missile system, the AZH-B system was developed by GosNIIAS, and visitors of the exhibition could observe its operation in real time, monitoring the position of the aircraft on a large screen.

During the business negotiations, Ptero received proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation from representatives of industry enterprises, domestic and foreign developers.

In addition, according to the results of the "Aeronet Professionals Cup" competition, the "Ptero" team won first place in the nomination - "Searching for contrast thermal objects".

The exhibition has come to the end by the first in Russia night race of drones of class F-3U on an LED track and pyrotechnic Dron-Avia show.