About the company

The target of our Company Is Development, manufacturing and introduction of efficient and environmentally friendly power supply systems.



Inenergy group of companies specializing in electrochemical technology and unique industrial solutions based on them. We develop and produce fuel cells, power supply systems of different purposes and capacities, specialized housing and mounting products, will implement integration projects full cycle.

A wide range of commercially available products, center for research and development uniting industry experience of Russian scientific centers and leading manufacturers, extensive partnerships in the industry – all this allows us to position Inenergy as the center of world-class competencies in the field of fuel cells and power supply systems for various purposes.

Since the founding of Inenergy in 2008 key priorities - the development of the industry of fuel cells and establishment of efficient production facilities in Russia. A team of professionals from various industries, reliable partners and industrial assets enable to implement complex, integrated projects "turnkey".

In the group of companies of Inenergy included: the parent company of Inenergy - Moscow Plant "Inprom" - Orenburg Plant "Elekta" - Orenburg, JSC "Nizhny Novgorod Sorbents" - Nizhny Novgorod, SIC - resident of "SKOLKOVO", the laboratory of electrochemistry in Yekaterinburg, representative office in Kazan, a subdivision in Saint-Petersburg, offices in China and Germany.

The group companies have secured all necessary licenses and permits, including the license of FSB to work with information constituting a state secret, all products are certified. Products Inenergy supplied to the markets of Customs Union countries and abroad.

"Inenergy" is a leader in the field of electrochemical technology and power supply systems. The company represents a wide range of solutions energy: fuel cells, is developing advanced technologies and products in the field of fuel cells, conversion of hydrocarbon fuel and hydrogen energy. Inenergy actively assists in the creation of a developed market of fuel cells in Russia, the CIS and the Customs Union.

Operating in the Orenburg region, the plant "Inprom" produces a wide range of body, Assembly and specialized metal products for oil and gas, energy, nuclear and other industries (racks and stands for various purposes, furniture for waiting rooms, fencing, cable trays & accessories, control panels and other solutions).

Production company "Electa" develops and manufactures electrical, control systems, industrial UPS systems, AC and DC. All elements of the manufactured units and the software produces its own forces of the enterprise.

Research center "Topaz" has been developing solutions based on mikrotrubocek microchannel and solid oxide fuel cells for use in portable power systems, unmanned aircraft systems, robotics, and the future for stationary systems. Nits "Topaz" is a resident of the innovative center "SKOLKOVO".